Monday, February 28, 2022

Take the time to say thanks!

When you have a mentor and a good friend or family member that is truly a 'ride or die', you gotta thank them from time to time. You really can't be great in this world without some loyal people behind you. So I'll go first… Shout out to my mentor who showed me that I could level up whenever I was ready. She never made me feel alone even when she reminded me that this is mine to build whenever I was ready. When I was ready to test the boundaries of what I was capable of, she’d be right there to support me. Since I began this journey, she has given me resources, got on calls, when I was confused she gave me clarity and most of all she was just THERE❣️ She never let me feel alone. 🤗 She always plugged me into the community of other women trying to do the same thing that I’m doing. I am now on pace to achieve my goals this year to help as many people as possible GET THEIR LIFE and prosper while doing it. So thankful to God 🙏🏽that he placed you in my path when I was looking for more. I’m so glad I said yes. 🙋🏽‍♀️ Are you a diamond in the rough? We should chat!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Oven Baked Salmon

Remember the benefits of omega 3s to brain health I talked about last week?  Here's a delicious way to get those nutrients in your diet in less than 30 minutes. I'm excited to try this for dinner this week.

Monday, February 14, 2022

How we eat can help us heal

One thing that I do when I’m having a bad day of muscle spasms or excessive fatigue or just having a day where I’m just not feeling well at all, I try to clean up my nutrition. So I have a super food smoothie, some fruit and really focus on trying to have food that is high in potassium, vitamin C and omega 3s. These are really good nutrients that my body is starved for. So let me tell you a little bit about my ‘go to’ plate on the first slide (fish, broccoli and sweet potato that I had most recently on a bad day.

According to, Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. As you may know, vitamin C is a great way to boost your immune system. Potassium is a great way to increase the functionality of your muscles and reduce muscle spasms. Vitamin K is a great nutrient to help the blood clot. If you are taking blood thinning medication, it is advised that you should limit your intake of vitamin K which is found in broccoli and another cruciferous vegetables. Switch the broccoli out for spinach, which is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate superfood.

According to, The sweet potato is a fantabulous source of potassium (and it’s delicious too😋 ). It’s also great source of vitamins A and C and is full of antioxidants which prevents free radicals from taking over your body which is known to increase inflammation. So I try to eat sweet potatoes as much as possible. Granted, I treat myself to a little bit of butter, a pinch of salt and as much cinnamon as I can stand! Since cinnamon has little to no calories but a whole lot of flavor, I enjoy it with my sweet potato whenever I eat them with dinner. I have found that sweet potatoes are a great way to replace rice and macaroni and cheese (some of my favorites) on your plate especially in terms of nutritional value. So when choosing a carb, I like to choose sweet potato for that carb portion of my plate.

Finally, the fish. According to the Washington state department of health, Fish is known to be an incredible source of omega-3‘s fatty acids and high quality protein. Omega-3s protect the heart and the brain by helping to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. As we age, a good diet of omega-3s will help us reduce our risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s as well. It is recommended that we have fish at least twice a week as part of a healthy diet.

Whenever I’m feeling a little sluggish, I check in with myself and my nutrition. A plate like this gives me energy and helps me rest better at night. All of this helps me feel stronger, better faster!

Monday, February 7, 2022

We all struggle with something

For many of us, gaining back full range of motion and strength after a health scare (stroke, multiple sclerosis or other illness that compromises mobility) is a goal that requires daily movement and practice. You can’t give in to despair. You can’t give up on yourself. You have to give yourself some grace when you have a bad day. You must remain relentless in your quest to be whole.

I do this through functional movement and retraining my brain to move in the way that most people take for granted. Like walking, talking, running, getting down to the floor from a standing position and getting up from the floor.

A huge part of my training is flexibility training. A muscle that is flexible has more capacity to become stronger and move as it was designed to move. I have found a program that I have done before and will be starting again and I am excited to see how far I’ve come since doing my first round.

I’m getting stronger every day so I know I will do well this time around🤩

Recovery comes in many forms. We all struggle with something. The goal should always be to give your best every day you are blessed to wake up❣️ Through prayer and supplication I found the courage to embark on this journey. May whatever you struggle with today not overwhelm you. Make it your runway for you to take off towards your new beginning🤗

Would you like to get started on a new program to strengthen not just your body but also your mind too? Check out some options here.

Monday, January 31, 2022

🤗 The Accountability Mirror🤗

I remember reading this for the first time and being like “Dang David! You didn’t have to come at me like dat!”


He is 1000% right!

If you tryna do something big, i. e. accomplish great things and/or create an impact, and you’re not getting results or making the milestones toward your goal, then it’s time to take a looooooong look in the mirror and deal with some stuff. 

Connect with some people that will hold you accountable and give you courage to do big things. 

Simply put…

Clear the cobwebs out yo mind and spirit that keeping you from gettin the bag 💰 

If you're really trying to reach some crazy, scary, I can't believe I'm even thinking about this, kinda goals, I encourage you to get Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins.

Monday, January 24, 2022

🥺Push. Past. Pain.🥺

 It really is all in your head. 

One thing I’m know I’m really good at is suffering😂but any success I’ve had in life has been because I pushed past pain (try saying that 5x fast😆) and I was relentless in achieving my desired outcome.  

After all, I raised a whole human for God’s sake! I don’t mind telling you that she is an amazing and fantastic human with the biggest heart I’ve ever known. I can’t take all the credit tho… I had a little help from the Almighty🙏🏽

It takes courage to put your trust in God! For me, that’s the pushing past the 40% that David is talking about in his book, Can’t Hurt Me. Anyone can push up until it hurts. But it takes a whisper in your soul to make you take action and push past pain to get to where you wanna go. It’s the mind, soul and spirit vs. the brain for me. 

Your brain is there to protect you. But your mind, soul and spirit will take you where you want to go❣️🧠🧐🙏🏽🤗

Monday, January 17, 2022

🎶if at first you don’t succeed…🎶

Shout out to Aaliyah when she told us to dust ourselves off and try again❣️ RIP 

You know I’ve been having a lot of conversations about health and wellness and taking care of your mind, body and soul. Some of us seem to think that it’s got to be all or nothing. 

‘ALL IN’ doesn’t mean all or nothing. 
It means betting on you for positive change! 
All or nothing is the biggest misconception about the journey to getting healthier that I have ever heard. Like anything in life that you’re learning for the first time, there’s a process involved. 

Maybe you have to write it down several times so you remember new information. 
Maybe you have to hear it multiple times for you to understand the value of it. 

Nevertheless, it is a process that is meant to be embraced, a process for good change to happen in any area of your life. Whether it’s a new job, new motherhood, a new relationship…whatever it is…you have to learn it and practice it to be good at it. 

Would you throw your kid away the first time you made a mistake? 
Would you quit your job after the first day because you didn’t learn everything in one day? 
Would you stop seeing someone after the first date because they ate their salad with the wrong fork? 

No you wouldn’t! 

So why would you give up on YOU because the first day, the first week or the first month of learning what it is to take care of yourself for the first time doesn’t go as planned? 

It’s a process. 
Embrace it! 
Give yourself some time. 
Give yourself some grace! 

You won’t learn everything in one day just like you won’t lose 100 pounds in one day… it’s a process… one day at a time, one lesson at a time, one pound at a time, one meal at a time. 

Whenever you’re trying to do something good, the enemy will rear its ugly head and try to throw a monkey wrench in your plans. 

If you know what I’m talking about, holla at ya girl! 

You gotta be better than the enemy and stronger than the enemy and have a little bit more faith in your Creator to get up when you’re knocked down and try again. 

This week is an opportunity to try again. Since the Lord blessed you to wake up this morning, what are you going to do with the new opportunities to TRY AGAIN this week?

Take the time to say thanks!

When you have a mentor and a good friend or family member that is truly a 'ride or die', you gotta thank them from time to time. You...