Thursday, April 28, 2016

Working hard and working well for your integrity’s sake not for recognition

Do you get more satisfaction when you receive recognition for a job well done?

Are you someone who works hard because you have a sense that it is the right thing to do to contribute to the greater good?

I find it more rewarding to work with a sense of urgency – like what I am doing is contributing to the big picture, like what I do matters, so it is important to do it well.  I get much more fulfillment out of the experience than if I was looking for recognition.  Don’t get me wrong, recognition is cool. It does feel good to be appreciated for my hard work.  But let’s face it - your work could very well go unnoticed and then what?  If I don’t get praise for a job well done I stop putting in effort?  Let me leave you with this thought…

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