Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility, or stretching is an often overlooked but important component of your overall fitness. Here are some stretches that we should all do after working out while the body is warm. Do flexibility exercises at least once a week.

Standing bring each foot back as far to meet butt, actively switching from one foot to the other. Hold each foot up to butt and hold w hand 10sec

Sit down on the floor with legs closed and stretched out in front of you. With a flat back, reach your arms out towards the feet, focusing on the stretch in the hamstrings. Hold for 20sec

Bend elbows above and behind your head, hands to opposite shoulder, actively stretching the tricep (back of the arm) Hold for 20sec

Hold both arms directly out from sides rotate in circular motion forward 20sec

Lay down belly to floor, lifting upper body off floor with hands (yoga name=upward dog) stretching out your core.

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