Monday, April 2, 2018

Reflection and Renewal

Whenever I feel discouraged in any particular aspect of my life, I think about that scene in The Day After Tomorrow when Jack wouldn’t give up on finding his son in New York after a cataclysmic storm hit that sent the entire northern hemisphere into an ice age.

During the dangerous journey to find his son, Jack lost 1 of the 2 colleagues (and best friends) that was traveling with him when he fell through the roof of a shopping center that the group was hiking across in the frigid cold. In spite of this tragedy, time was running out for Jack to find his son Sam. Jack had every intention of not only finding his son but finding him alive and well.

Finally, after several days, Jack and the younger friend walked probably 200 miles before they reached the New York public library where Sam had been since the storm hit. When they got where they thought the library should be, Jack's friend told him that the library must have been overtaken by the storm and gave Jack a look that all but said there was no hope! But Jack wasn’t giving up on his son. He ran a little farther and saw the roof of the library! He proceeded to climb down into the library from the roof and yell that place down until he came to a door with a light shining underneath it. He cracked open the door and found a small group of survivors. He desperately looked to see if his son was among them. Sure enough, he was. They embraced and the rest, as they say, is history.

A lot of people would have given up before reaching that door 🚪 A lot of people would have listened to his friend who wanted to say, “I’m sorry Jack” when they we standing on a snow drift that towered the library. But not Jack. He was determined. He was not giving up!

That scene is so profound in so many ways. It speaks to the unrelenting power of the human spirit. When you lean into challenges and face fear square in the eye and act with intent on your goals and dreams in spite of all of it, no one can stop you. Obstacles have no space, nay sayers have no voice only the power of your conviction stands on solid ground. That👆🏼is what makes anything possible! That👆🏼 is what made Jack find Sam! That👆🏼is what is going to make you manifest your dreams into reality.

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