Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Turn Up Tuesday-How fitness geeks celebrate

Don’t you love a good success story? How do people turn their life around by focusing on their health? The discovery is nothing short of amazing when you find out that focusing on fitness improves other areas in your life. Well here is Briana’s story. Briana lost 53 lbs. using full, comprehensive programs that she did at home!

“I used to overeat every day and binge on junk food after a long day at work. I also hardly ever exercised. I had gained weight steadily over the past few years because of these bad habits. I was ashamed with how I looked in the mirror and clothes never fit me the way I wanted. I had lost self-love for myself and all confidence with the way I looked.

I was inspired to change my life and begin my transformation journey because I’ve always said I will look my best at 25 years old. So when I hit 24 I knew I needed to do something to get my body back in shape and lose the weight I had gained over the past few years. People around me that ate healthy and looked fit inspired me. I wanted to look like them and feel good again. I knew that if I made the effort to eat healthy and exercise that I could do it in a year.

I was inspired to change my life and begin my transformation journey

My greatest challenge I faced was staying committed to any type of program. But because of the motivation, support, and accountability that I received from my Coach, and people within the accountability groups online, I was able to stay on track.

Over the last year, I did a few different at-home programs which all incorporated a mixture of weight lifting/strength training and cardio - to reach my goal. I really liked this because you get the advantages of both types of exercise.

I have lost 53 pounds and upwards of 45 inches off my body. I am now strong enough to do push-ups, many bodyweight moves, and my heart is strong enough to endure intense cardio. But I am most proud that I am healthier, stronger, and happier than I have ever been in my entire life.”

Has this story inspired you to change your life? There are many ways to get started on your own transformation journey and I can help you along the way. I know the thought of doing something new is scary but what do you have to lose by starting today except never living out your true potential? You have to ask yourself, are you okay with that?

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