Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's been a while since I posted in this group and I truly apologize for that. I have been going through some trials and tribulations recently and I never shared it because I never wanted to be a burden to any of you.

The lesson I learned thru this is that I need to stay in touch during the good, bad and ugly times. I can't withdraw within myself when I am having a trying time. Unfortunately, old habits die hard.

In June, I had gotten sick with the flu, had to move suddenly and my car went up! I felt like I had been pushed to my limits physically, financially and spiritually. It's even hard to put into words right now but let's just say it was probably the most trying time that I had been through in a long time. Needless to say my workouts, my nutrition and my personal development suffered significantly.

At the same time I was going thru all that, I learned that a dear co-worker of mine had been diagnosed with breast cancer and another had recently lost her unborn baby in a car crash. That's when I literally broke down and bawled like a baby. I literally curled up in a ball and bawled. I felt so guilty about feeling sorry for myself over what I was going thru and seemed so small in comparison to the life altering changes these women were going thru. It was in that moment of revelation that God started to bless me. I recovered from the flu. Rae and I transferred to a waaaay better apartment and even though I didn't think I was ready(but God had other plans) I got a new car. I need to share that with you because I owe you that as a means of accountability. We all live this thing called life and you need to see the authentic me that my life is more than a highlight reel. It's not perfect but I am an overcomer. The journey may not be pretty but it is a journey.

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