Friday, July 8, 2016

My daughter…my favorite achievement

Every day, my beautiful daughter reminds me why God created me. My biggest cheerleader, supporter and accountability partner, she saved my life when she asked God to select me to take on my biggest job ever, her mom. I didn’t know it at the time or that I was even up for the job but she and our heavenly Father knew better. I have had the privilege of watching her grow up into a beautiful young woman that I truly admire.

Just recently, she was awarded a grant at college for the next year. I told her, “I want you to take full advantage of that grant and take a full course load this semester so you can get that much closer to finishing your first degree. So I am going to get a part time job so that you can concentrate on your studies”. She said to me, "Mom, what about your business? I am more concerned about that, to be honest. What you do matters. Helping people get healthy is urgently needed in our community. They need you even if they don’t know it yet”. I was at a loss for words. Here I am, a mom, trying to make sure that my baby girl makes progress toward her dreams and here she is making sure that I don’t take time away from mine. The fact that she ‘gets it’ is amazing to me it also proves that she has watched my struggles through the years and knows that ignoring your health can create a life or death situation where you are literally forced to reconsider your unhealthy choices.

My daughter validated me in that moment. She continues to amaze me every day. I cannot begin to tell you what a privilege it is to be Raven’s Mom <3

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