Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Overheated and Cranky? There is HOPE!

Menopausal Women: How do you alleviate those pesky symptoms?

If there was a way that you could eliminate almost all of the symptoms of impending menopause, menopause and post menopause would you want to find out what it was? What would you be willing to do to be rid of hot flashes, night sweats and wanting to cry and burn the house down at the drop of a hat?

Exercise and good nutrition do wonders

I know what you’re thinking. A little bit of exercise and eating an apple a day instead of a cupcake is not going to get rid of these mood swings. My hot flashes are not gonna go away because I lifted a dumb bell. Girl, please!

This is exactly what I thought when I was at the end of my rope and I knew something had to change. I was so depressed that there were days that I just stared into space wondering how my life had deteriorated into… this!

It was on that same day that I was at my lowest when I saw that infomercial advertising a workout program that changed my whole menopausal experience. Once I started working out the right way, with the proper guidance, I was able to lose weight, get healthy and it wasn’t long before I started feeling better about myself and about life. My hot flashes were significantly reduced over time and because I didn’t feel like I was on fire all the time, my whole demeanor changed. Imagine that!

How to get started in exercise-Start walking!

You don’t have to get started in exercise using DVD programs like I did. Walking is a great way to introduce your body to regular exercise. Start off slow. You can walk around the block in your neighborhood. Take a walk during your lunch hour. For at least 15 minutes everyday, walk at a moderate to brisk pace. Then increase your time and distance over time. For instance, start week 1, walking 15 minutes every day at a moderate speed. Week 2, increase your time to 20 minutes and aim to walk a little faster than when you first started in week 1. You will increase your distance when you increase your speed. By week 3, you might to increase your time to 30 minutes of walking at a moderate to brisk pace. By the end of 30 days you could very well increase your speed to a light jog. By the time you start month 2, you are definitely going to find yourself feeling better about life while your body gets stronger and your mind becomes renewed. You will make exercise a habit that you do not want to break.

Don’t forget about your nutrition

While there are several supplements out there that may reduce our symptoms, there is nothing better than good nutrition to quell those hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Getting on a meal plan that was sure to give me the nutrients I need helped a lot to give me the balance my body desperately craved. But you know what? Making small, gradual changes in your diet can also support hormonal balance. Start introducing more fruits and veggies in your meals. Now if you’re someone who hardly ever eats any fruits or veggies, then I would avoid introducing fruits and veggies that you have never had before. Have something that you think you would enjoy and you would likely keep in your diet. For me, it was apples, bananas, grapes and pineapple. Not gonna lie…with the exception of apples and bananas, I was eating my fruit out of a can at first. But then I created a habit of buying fresh fruits and veggies when I was introduced to a meal plan. Now it is just second nature to buy fresh fruits and veggies, whether they are in season or not.

You could do worse…

You could do worse than exercise and improve your nutrition to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with menopause no matter what stage you’re in. One of the best things my doctor did after my surgery that put me in premature menopause was NOT prescribe ANYTHING. It forced me to find a holistic way to get ME back…maybe even get a better ME than I have ever been. Exercise and good nutrition could save your quality of life. I know it saved mine.

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