Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remembering who you are

There are times in this life when you meet people for the first time and you try to be cordial and engage them in conversation and you realize you made a mistake. In your efforts to be friendly, you realize that your compassionate spirit is really not for everyone.

It is a shame to realize that some people are just miserable and wish to stay that way. All they truly want out of their life is someone to keep them company in their misery and not change whatever it is that is making them miserable. Their unwillingness to learn is comprised entirely by the banging noise of their own voice to the point where they cannot hear another opinion much less any voice of reason. This comfort with misery is truly a disappointing stain on the human condition. This is why for truly positive people, it is important to be self-aware and never lose yourself or lower your standards by taking offense and firing back at people whose only purpose is to engage you in an ugly battle that is not worth the air or energy it took to entertain the fight. LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT.

My affirmation from the experience? Pay attention to the body language and frankly, the verbal language of people that you interact with. Know your priorities. Know what your goals are. Determine if this person remotely fits anywhere within your priorities or goals. Follow your instincts. Finally, act accordingly. Dismiss people who are negative and do not line up with your priorities or goals. Do not engage negative people in a “diss” match because it only serves to fuel their idiocy and brings you to a level that you will only be ashamed of later. Take control and simply distance yourself from these people. If you reach out to the negative people at all, it should be to thank them because they didn’t even try to hide who they really were. They decide to reveal the a$$hole they were upfront. Nevertheless, they will take your lack of response to their absurdity as weakness but that is not your concern. You will know that from this experience you prevailed because you know who you are, you do not succumb to foolishness and you are a stronger individual for the experience.

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