Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last day for a deep discount!

Fitness=Nutrition + Exercise. 
We all know this but how many of us actually do this...consistently? Well, now we have the opportunity to make sure we get the results we want. We can do this, you and I, by gaining the support, motivation and accountability of a challenge group.

What is a challenge group?
A challenge group is not as scary as it sounds. It is just a group of us who are working out in the comfort of our own home and who are sharing the experience of getting our health on track. That's it!

Piyo-Low impact, high intensity, amazing results.
For those of us just starting out, #Piyo is the perfect program to get you on the road to health and fitness. Created by Chalene Johnson, this workout is the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and cardio endurance, the three components of overall fitness.

Spots are filling up fast!
Don't get left behind. I only have a few spots available. If you are interested in joining the Piyo challenge group, please leave a comment below so we can get started by 12/9.


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